Childcare Recruitment is the only specialized agency in Ireland exclusively focused on placing experienced early years professionals in Irish homes and businesses.

Nannies are experienced, qualified professionals dedicated to working with children in their own home. For families with long-term childcare needs, a nanny is an ideal choice as they provide continuity of care over a number of years. Our nannies are available for positions throughout Ireland.

We use the same pre-selection and vetting process for nannies as we do for all other childcare professionals. We interview all candidates (twice) before we present them to you as a potential employee.

Our in-depth profiles include:

    • Verified proof of education and qualifications.
    • Verified references from 2 separate referees.
    • Police/Garda vetted with a clean criminal record.
    • Health check.
    • First-aid certified.
European nannies in Ireland

Many of our European nannies have degrees or diplomas in early education, childcare or teaching from their home countries. Our European nannies typically arrive from Spain, where they will have at least 3 years experience in childcare or a related field and have intermediate English. They earn between €15 and €25 per hour and work between 5 and 12 hours a day depending on the family’s needs.

Nanny Placement Fees

At Childcare Recruitment, we offer two separate packages for unlimited nanny placement for 6 months or 12 months. These packages typically suit most families, however, we can tailor an individual package based on your family’s requirements. We can also source a permanent, full-time nanny for your children.To discuss your requirements, we recommend that you call our specialist advisors on +353 214742115 / +353 877169155 or email us at

What is the difference between a nanny and an Au pair?


    • A nanny is a part-time or full-time employee who is paid wages. They may be “live-in” or “live-out”. Nannies receive annual leave and benefits accrued in their employee contract.
    • Nannies work to the hours specified in their contract and have an independent social and family life of their own. They may be “live-in” or “live-out”.
    • Nannies may be young adults in their twenties but as professionals in their career, they will continue their career into later years.
    • Nannies are qualified, experienced childcare professionals. They will have a formal qualification and have experience of children from newborn babies to young teenagers.
    • A nanny is experienced in the care, social, physical and emotional development of the children in their care. As such, they can “stand-alone” in their role.
    • Nannies will be accustomed to many different styles of parenting. To gain the most benefit from a nanny, it’s important to share the same approach to caring for children.

Au Pair

    • An Au pair typically stays between 9 and 12 months and is considered part of the family.They are paid €175 – €250 per week for 20 – 30 hours. They are paid pocket money. The focus of their stay is on the cultural exchange aspect of their stay. Their role within the family is often seen as a “big sister” or “big brother”.
    • Au pairs work approximately 30 hours per week but they are integrated into family life, family meals and social occasions.
    • At Childcare Recruitment, our Au pairs are typically qualified in early years care / childcare or teaching. However, it’s not an essential requirement for Au pairs to be professional child carers.
    • Au pairs have less experience in comparison to Nannies and may need more guidance and structure to perform their role best.
    • Au pairs will fit in with the parent’s style of parenting.