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    Name of nearest town/city to your house?

    Distance from your home to the town / city centre?

    Is there public transportation from your house to the town/city centre?

    How far is the nearest bus stop?

    How frequent is the bus service to the town/city centre?

    Closest town / village with English classes?

    Are there other known Nannies in the area?

    How much payment will you offer your Nannies weekly?

    Will there be additional hours?

    Have you previously hosted an Nannies in your home?

    Preferred start date?

    Length of placement?

    Do you smoke?

    Would you accept an Nannies that smokes?

    Should your Nannies hold a driving licence?

    Will you provide a car?

    Is yes, can the Nannies use it on their free days?

    Typical schedule for your Nannies?

    Total weekly hours?

    Do you have any pets? If so, which pets do you have?

    Do you want the Nannies to care for them?

    Should your Nannies have any special skills (e.g. swimming or horse riding)?

    What is the primary spoken language in your family?

    What expectations do you have of the Nannies placement?

    Have you been in contact with or had COVID19 in the past?

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